Parenting Support

Family Education

Nickie in our Family Education department will supported parents of preschool children with special needs. Parents of young children will have the opportunity to enhance their parenting skills through participation in group and individual parenting education programs.

Young Parent Program

Lisa with the Young Parent Program provides pregnant and parenting young parents access to appropriate health, education and support services.

The program has a wide range of services to fit each individual situation; pre natal, parenting, counselling services for personal support, liaising with community resources.

Building Blocks

The program is designed to increase families capacity to provide safe nurturing environments for this children, to maximize growth and enhance young children’s developmental potential. Parents are building their parenting capacity by attending family education workshops and sessions designed to promote parent/child interaction.

Children’s development potential is enhanced through enrollment in a the provision of an enriched licensed Early Learning program for children 0-3 years of age.

Entry into the program is based on the parents needs and abilities. The program is off site and runs out of the Early Learning Hub ( behind the High School )