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Professional Development Opportunity : Sept. 12th & 13th, 2019

Vickie Meade and Dianne Tower will be hosting a two day workshop on the : Top Ten Strategies for Partnering with families across lifespans

Course Description: Therapists begin a partnership on their first visit with a new family, whatever the age. This partnership is honed through asking the right questions, listening for ‘I can do this’, and creating doable strategies together. Solutions will integrate the relevant kinesiological thinking to select movements that can be part of a families’ typical day. Anticipatory guidance will illustrate these practical strategies. The participants will particularly enjoy the family stories presenting powerful and unique perspectives on successful partnerships over 20 years and longer. This two day course will offer participants lectures, workshop ideas and video cases to actively select treatment objectives and integrate strategies across multiple environments.

Link to Course Details and Registration Form:  Vickie M Sept 2019 Course Reg Package


A couple great handouts created by our Staff:


Learn About Kindergarten

The following is the Ministry of Education Curriculum Package as we are often asked what children will experience in Kindergarten and the skills they will be learning.


Recommended Reading : Great New Book by one of SPCDC favorite Author’s

Helping Babies Help Themselves: From in your arms to standing alone. Vickie Meade and Janette Heath

A delightfully illustrated journey for parents and all caregivers, this book takes the reader through movement development in the first year of life. Quick tips, key points and frequently asked questions provide clear and simple advice from ways to wrap and help babies settle, to where to place your hands to guide and assist them to move. Available on Amazon.


What should you child be doing ?

Review the Milestone Charts created by our staff to help you know what is typical development.


More Resources

The following websites have great resources; milestone charts, ideas to play with your children, child’s growth and development, and parenting news


Learn About Dawson Creek

The following links will give you more information about Dawson Creek and services in our community.