Preschool Classrooms

Sunshine (3yrs) Rainbow (4yrs) & Stepping Stones

All of our Preschool Programs are licensed classrooms
Our spacious and well equipped programs are designed to help prepare children for a successful entry into kindergarten.

Our curriculum emphasizes learning through play using daily real life experiences, which research supports as helping in the development of pre-reading and writing skills. Our goal in the preschool is to provide each child with an environment which will enhance optimum development in all areas of growth; physical, social, emotional and intellectual.

Below is the Parent Handbook for Preschool. This document will contains valuable information for you including; start dates and closure dates throughout the year, behaviour management and health policy, field trips, emergency drills, pick up requirements and fees / payment.

Preschool Handbook 2018 – 2019
Preschool FAQ

The Registration Package below is for children enrolling in our Sunshine ( 3 yrs old) & Rainbow ( 4 yrs old). For ease of registration please print off and bring in completed forms. Be sure to review the checklist so you have everything need to conclude registration.

Sunshine and Rainbow Registration Package 2018 – 2019

Stepping Stones Registration Information

The Registration Package below is for children enrolling in our Stepping Stones Program. To enroll into this program you would have had a previous conversation with the Director of Early Intervention.

Stepping Stones Registration Package 2018- 2019

Meet our Preschool Team and Supported Child Development Team

Amy, Chelsey, Laura and Gayle, Hailey ( No photo … yet)

Jodi, Lyndsay, Jessica